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Madonna’s getting unfairly shamed for what looks like butt implants

Madonna and Ariana Grande performed a fire rendition of “Music” at a benefit concert at Miami’s Art Basel over the weekend, but the internet can only focus on one thing: Madonna’s butt.

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In one racy, twerk-filled video that made it onto Instagram after the performance, Madge’s booty is looking a little, um, perky.

Commenters weren’t about to ignore the fact that it looks like Madonna got some booty implants. But, because it’s the internet, they weren’t nice about it, either.

Just a few of the comments:

  • “Is Madonna tryna fit in or why does she have a fake botty, like why?? Most people look better naturally. So sad what these famous people are doing to themselves & this generation.”
  • “For the love of god . Does no one else see madonnas but implants are disgusting !!”
  • “Awww that is horrible why did Madonna get butt implants?”

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The body-shaming only gets worse from there. Never mind the fact that Madonna was performing at a Raising Malawi concert that raised $7.5 million. And never mind the fact that all that money is going to help orphaned children in Africa. No, let’s talk about Madonna’s ass some more, you guys. That’s definitely what’s important here.

Madonna hasn’t responded to all the butt backlash, probably because she’s too busy doing more good things for the world. Some of these commenters should take a page from her book.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Image: WENN

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