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Fans work hard to get All My Children & One Life to Live back on ABC

It’s hard to believe that in 2016, All My Children and One Live to Live are still at the forefront of ABC executives’ minds. That’s because a lawsuit between Prospect Park Network and ABC is finally over.

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Last week, a judge dismissed the case in ABC’s favor, which returns the rights to the two soaps back where they belong.

When the network had canceled the two soaps back in 2011, they licensed the two properties out to Prospect Park for new online episodes. If the online network didn’t produce shows for 18 months, the rights would go back to ABC. Even though they only aired 13 weeks of episodes, a legal battle ensued.

Now that the soaps are home, what does that mean for AMC and OLTL? Fans are working overtime to draw ABC’s attention — they want their shows back on the air.

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A Facebook page called “Save AMC & OLTL” has started a grassroots campaign to show their support. From email addresses to Twitter handles and phone numbers, they are proving that they are serious with their intentions.

There is a problem, though, when it comes to available airtime: ABC has a full daytime slate already. Other than General Hospital, they’ve committed most of their schedule to the talk and game show formats.

Will a fan-generated campaign yield the results that longtime viewers are hoping for? Stars like Susan Lucci have proven to be successful in primetime, and it’s unclear whether she would ever entertain a return to AMC. She didn’t move over to the online show when Prospect Park took over.

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As for Robin Strasser, who played OLTL villain Dorian Lord, she’s ready to go. Strasser hilariously tweeted that she’s available for a very affordable price too.

As much as we are dying to see Erica Kane stir up trouble in Pine Valley or Dorian Lord in Llanview, it would be an unprecedented move for a network to bring back two soaps in a genre that’s struggling to retain an audience. If ABC does want to bring back the soaps, perhaps they could do it with a special daytime event?

We’ve seen revivals work at Netflix with shows like Fuller House and Gilmore Girls, so why can’t ABC figure out a way to reinvent the wheel in daytime? We think that type of event might just be the way to satisfy longtime fans and generate excitement in the daytime space.

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