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35 questions we have about Westworld Season 2

The Westworld finale tonight beautifully wrapped up what is, hands down, the best new show of 2016. Did the show have its flaws? Sure. But all in all, Westworld was a television masterpiece that has redefined the places TV can go by exploring bigger and deeper themes than we’ve ever seen in a series. (And I’m thinking of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones as I say this so, trust me, I don’t make that statement lightly.)

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I’m clearly hooked, and the wait for Season 2 is going to be a long haul because I still have so many questions after tonight’s finale.

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  1. Who was controlling Maeve (Thandie Newton)? Was it Dr. Ford? Arnold/Bernard? Or someone unexpected?
  2. Was Maeve’s attempt to leave the park only the illusion of control?
  3. Was Felix working for the person controlling Maeve all along?
  4. Is Maeve’s daughter in Westworld or are there other worlds operating currently where she could be placed?
  5. Will Maeve be caught after her attempt to escape or are all the “controlling” factions now dead thanks to Dolores?
  6. Will Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Maeve team up in Season 2?
  7. What became of Logan?
  8. Did William end up marrying Logan’s sister after all?
  9. If Ford (Anthony Hopkins) planned to have Dolores kill him all along in his “new narrative,” did she ever truly wake up?
  10. What defines true consciousness?
  11. If memories are the foundation for self, is the show saying there is no God?
  12. If memories are the foundation for self, what is the foundation for the soul?
  13. Is the show suggesting memories are the soul?
  14. What about religion and a higher power than Ford?
  15. Since everyone who knew Bernard was a host is dead, except for Maeve and Felix, does that mean he will be the new CEO of Delos?
  16. If those were characters from Samurai World we saw as Maeve escaped, will the new world play into Season 2?
  17. How many host worlds are there?
  18. What happened to the girl Teddy met who seemed to know about Wyatt and also seemed to be awake?
  19. What did she and her cohorts really know?
  20. Will The Man in Black, aka William, survive Dr. Ford’s massacre?
  21. What will happen to the hosts who aren’t awake yet?
  22. Will they just continue to be pawns for the hosts who are conscious?
  23. Where in the world is Westworld?
  24. Is Westworld even on planet Earth?
  25. What are Ford’s true intentions?
  26. Does Ford want the hosts to escape?
  27. Was Ford just trying to teach the humans a lesson?
  28. Did Ford really die or was that a host replica taking his place?
  29. After three lifetimes of trauma, what does Dolores’ awakening actually look like?
  30. Will Dolores simply go insane?
  31. Is the violence we saw from Dolores only the beginning?
  32. Will Dr. Ford be remade as a robot like Arnold?
  33. Will Ramin Djawadi write the score for Season 2? Because seriously, his score for Westworld changed my life.
  34. What happened to Charlotte’s robot (aka Abernathy, aka Dolores’ original dad) and the data he housed?
  35. If Abernathy managed to escape Delos despite Dr. Ford’s massacre, was his death and the death of the board all in vain?

What did you think of the Westworld Season 1 finale? What questions do you still have lingering?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Westworld details slideshow
Image: HBO

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