Donald Trump would really love to take Alec Baldwin's First Amendment rights away

Dec 4, 2016 at 8:21 p.m. ET
Image: NBC

I never knew I could like Alec Baldwin so much, but his time portraying Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live has gone beyond the parameters of normal comic parody. Baldwin has become a voice for those skeptical of the Trump presidency.

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Trump has been vocal about his displeasure over the comedy sketches SNL has written around him. He has consistently called the sketches "biased" and "not fair" on Twitter, and Baldwin has promptly and consistently responded to Trump's comments with the perfect comebacks.

Most recently, Baldwin did a sketch last night in which Trump's office tried desperately to get Trump to stop tweeting, but Trump just couldn't help himself, resulting in a lack of production as he prepares to take over the White House.

Trump, of course, fired back.


But Baldwin doesn't depend on the writers of SNL for his humor. He had his response ready to go.


Trump's Twitter followers were also unimpressed with his latest SNL tweet.


It seems that every time Baldwin does an SNL skit as Trump, Trump makes some comment about how horrible it is. Every time, Baldwin responds with a flawless retort, and then Trump falls silent until the next time.

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Trump is clearly not actually interested in any rhetoric on the topic. Nor is he interested in actually looking at these pieces as more than comedy — which they are. They are commentaries on the truth that a lot of people are nervous about the state of our country following the election, and rightly so.

Not to mention that if our president-elect can't even laugh at himself, then we're in for four years of listening to him complain about every late-night skit anyone dares write.

I, personally, think humor is going to be essential to make it through this presidency.

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Do you think Trump has a right to criticize SNL, or should he back off and learn to laugh a little?

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