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Robin Hood’s OUAT return is actually doing more harm than good

It was a massive heartbreaker when Robin Hood died in Season 5, so when it was announced that Sean Maguire would somehow mysteriously reprise his role in Season 6, Once Upon a Time fans rejoiced.

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Well, Robin finally returned in Sunday’s episode, and his comeback may actually end up being a not-so-good thing. Obviously, Robin being around is a fantastic thing, but hear us out.

The Evil Queen used the genie lamp and had Aladdin grant her a wish. What pushed her to make a wish was Emma using the infamous sword that supposedly kills the Evil Queen in the future, and it actually hurt the queen but not Regina. Hmm… can this sword kill the Evil Queen and not Regina? That remains to be seen.

Now, back to the wish. It wasn’t something the Evil Queen had once hoped for, but something Emma once uttered to Aladdin: The Evil Queen wished that Emma was never the savior. That’s exactly what Emma got, and she ended up in a dream world in the Enchanted Forest. In this fictional world, Emma was “Princess Emma,” the Evil Queen was defeated, Henry was being dubbed a knight and everyone else was living happily ever after.

Back in Storybrooke, everyone was in a panic until Regina realized that she and the Evil Queen are one person, so technically she could also make a wish. That’s what she did, and she wished to be transported to wherever Emma was sent.

Regina’s time in this dream Enchanted Forest was super messy, but to make a long story short, Regina managed to get “Princess Emma” to realize her true identity with help from dream Rumplestiltskin. They were both on their way back to Storybrooke (via a magic bean from dream Rumple) when two arrows came flying at their heads. What? Who would do such a thing? Enter Robin Hood.

At first, he was a glorious sight, and we freaked out accordingly. Finally! Robin Hood is back! Oh, wait, he’s not real. No one in this dream world is real, but that wasn’t enough to make Regina or Emma jump into the portal to return to Storybrooke. Instead, they are still stuck in the dream world of the Enchanted Forest.

As frustrating as it is, how can you blame Regina for stopping in her tracks upon seeing her one true love “in the flesh”? He died way too soon. Of course Regina wants to be with him. Here’s where Robin’s triumphant return isn’t a good thing. First of all, he is not real, which is a total bummer for both fans and Regina. Here’s hoping that whenever OUAT returns, Regina and Emma figure out a way to make Robin Hood a real live boy, you know, like Pinocchio.

Robin Hood, OUAT
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Second of all, Robin doesn’t know Regina as his one true love but as the Evil Queen. Their former relationship doesn’t exist in his mind. Will the fact that he doesn’t see Regina the way she sees him only make things worse for Regina? Will it really provide her closure, or will it hurt her even more? Will they fall in love all over again and then Regina will have a romance with a fake Robin? Really, can any good come of this for Regina? Of course she is a badass, independent woman who can handle it, because that’s who she always is, but we can’t watch her heart break all over again. She deserves so much better.

Finally, thanks to Robin, Emma and Regina are stuck in this dream world. How are they going to get home? Dream Rumple was all too kind the first time, giving them a magic bean, but a second time around? If he is the one to help them, you know he is going to cause chaos and want something in return.

We hope we’re wrong and Robin being back doesn’t do any harm, but when it comes to OUAT, you know it’s all going to go downhill from here.

Side note: Emma’s supposed killer was also revealed, and guess who it seems to be: none other than Morpheus. That’s right. He showed up in Storybrooke as a full-grown adult and even turned the Evil Queen into a snake. Let’s just say his reunion with Rumple and Belle, aka his parents, was a shockingly dark one, especially since it appears the Black Fairy (Rumple’s mother) snagged Morpheus away from the Blue Fairy upon her mission to hide him away from Rumple. Basically, Rumbelle have another big problem on their hands. Belle really can’t catch a break, can she?

Once Upon a Time returns with new episodes sometime in March 2017.

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