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Shark Tank‘s PetPlate is a great option for your dog… if you’re rich

I’m a crazy dog mom. So crazy, in fact, that when I found out my dog, Westley, has a sensitive tummy, I promptly began meal prepping for him myself. I bought safe, natural ingredients like chicken, liver and sweet potato and even dried-out eggshells for calcium in order to make sure he was getting a balanced diet that wouldn’t cut years off his life like some of those gross dried foods.

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And here’s the best part: I was spending less in a month prepping his food that way than if I had gone for one of those fancy brands at the pet boutiques. The total came out to roughly $75 a month.

The bad part was that I was slaving in the kitchen to prepare his meals for the week. Oh, and the fact that all my sane friends were giving me the side eye every time I fed my dog.

Since then, I’ve found a healthy, dry alternative by working with my vet, but I still want to make sure that I’m giving my furry child the best nutrition possible.

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When I saw PetPlate enter the Shark Tank tonight, I thought, “Finally, maybe there’s a fresh pet food product that I could jump on board with!”

Until I saw the price tag, that is.

For my 30-pound cocker spaniel mix, I would be paying about $50 a week on PetPlate’s plan. That’s $200 a month, which is about my personal grocery budget for me to eat, and I’m a 135-pound human. Their prices range from $20 a week to upwards of $90 a week if you have a dog that weighs 91 to 100 pounds. I’m sorry, but that’s insane! And coming from me, the crazy dog mom, that’s saying something.

The reason I’m so disheartened by PetPlate’s price point is because I believe in the mission behind the company, and I love that they are trying to make changes to the dog food industry in a way that it desperately needs to be changed.

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I would love to have Westley on a plan like this without putting in the time in the kitchen again to do it myself, but PetPlate, for my budget, just doesn’t make sense.

Would you spend $200 a month on pet food? Do you think PetPlate is worth the cost?

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