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Now we know why we haven’t seen Hilary Duff in many roles since she gave birth

It’s a story we’ve heard before: Women in Hollywood say that having a baby affects how directors and producers see them and so affects their careers.

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Hilary Duff is the latest to speak out against how she says she was “pigeonholed” in Hollywood after she had her son, Luca, at age 24.

I feel like I was judged for having a baby too soon and getting married too soon, and now, I’m pigeonholed for being a mom,” Duff explained, adding that there’s definitely a double standard when it comes to how women and men are treated differently for having kids. “Nobody cares about men’s personal lives as much as women.”

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She also commented on the competition between women in the entertainment industry and how the industry pits women against one another.

“We are the most in demand and the most desirable, but the most judged and the hardest on one another,” she said. “It’s so much scrutiny.”

Duff’s comments come right after Jennifer Aniston shared some similar thoughts, first in an open letter she wrote for Huffington Post and then on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Aniston was addressing the ridiculous pregnancy rumors she faced earlier this year and explained how they made her feel like all the world expected from her now that she’s married is to start having kids.

“Just because we are women, we have a uterus, we have a vagina, we have ovaries, we need to, like, ‘Get to work, lady!’ As opposed to, hello, Freedom Medal,” Aniston said. “We as women do a lot of incredible things in this world other than just procreate — and not that that is not — but it’s like we just get boxed in.”

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