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Soon Johnny Depp & Amber Heard will never have to hear each other’s names again

We thought Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s divorce was all wrapped up and finished, but apparently not.

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New York magazine reports that Depp still hasn’t paid Heard the full settlement amount agreed upon in the divorce, but that he just finished making arrangements with her to pay it in installments over the next year.

Heard will reportedly send the payments directly to the Children’s Hospital and the domestic violence department of the ACLU — all $6.8 million that Depp still owes her. She made the announcement during the divorce proceedings that she would donate her entire settlement to domestic violence charities amid rumors that Depp had abused her and that she was divorcing him for money.

According to TMZ, though, “Sources not connected with Amber are scoffing, saying they don’t think the charities will ever get the money.”

And New York mag is reporting that that’s part of the reason Depp still hasn’t given the rest of the settlement to Heard, that he doesn’t trust her to make good on her promise to donate the entire settlement to charity, as if that even matters. It’s a divorce settlement, and it’s not up to him what she does with it. Ugh.

New York mag also reports that Heard’s decision to appear in an anti-domestic violence PSA last week really pissed Depp off because apparently he really, really wants everyone to forget that she accused him of some pretty brutal acts during their divorce.

Whether Depp trusts Heard to donate her money or not, the reason the charities aren’t getting their donations is because he refuses to cough up the settlement, so maybe it’s time for him to just cut the drama and pay up.

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