Married by Mom and Dad stars are letting their parents run their love life

Married By Mom and Dad on TLC began its second season this week. I really enjoyed the concept of this reality show where the parents choose the partner for their son or daughter. The parents become the matchmakers, which is a really old concept put to use in modern times. Sometimes those that know their children best might be able to pick out a spouse that would benefit their single son or daughter. I think it is great to have the parents involved in the matchmaking process and this reality show highlights this idea in a way that will hopefully result in four happy unions.

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This idea of having the parents play matchmaker adds to the interesting dynamics of the show. The audience not only gets to follow the romantic relationships but gets to watch the dynamics between parents and their adult children. I think that by having their parents find them love, these singles might succeed where they have failed before. The parents will be able to take on a different approach than their single children have in the past. I think if you are doing something that is not helping you find love, then maybe you have to change something. So, these singles are braving a new idea to let someone else guide their love lives for better or worse, we shall see. Hopefully for the better.

Devin Duggan and his family are our first group to discover. He began by telling us that he has not picked out women for the right reasons and so he has turned to the show to have his parents pick out his spouse. He appears optimistic in allowing his parents to find him love and they seem confident in finding him a wife.

Marissa Salviano starts out the show telling her friends her plan and does not get a lot of support from them, as they question her extensively. Marissa tells them that she believes that her parents can pick out a partner for her based on some fundamental qualities, and that her parents might be able to do a better job at finding her love than herself. I think Marissa has insight here that maybe she has looked for the wrong qualities in the past and her parents will give a different perspective.

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The third single is Bethany Layton. She tells the camera that her dating life has been unsuccessful and has not been able to pick out someone for her. She feels like her parents might be better at finding her a spouse (and I agree the parents can be used as a resource to help her where she has failed in the past). I think her mom seemed excited that Bethany now wants her opinion and she seemed thrilled at the prospect.

The theme in season two seems to be that the singles have failed in choosing relationships prior to this show that would turn into marriage. This journey should hopefully help the four learn about themselves in the process and might be able to have some insight into why their past relationships have failed, which will help them create future healthy unions if they self-reflect. All four of the singles seems to understand that something that they are doing by either picking out the wrong type of person or dating in ways that will not grow a relationship to marriage, are obstacles they have faced in the past. Due to this failure, the four have decided that their parents might know a bit more than they do. We shall see if this holds true as we watch their journey to find love continue.

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