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OUAT‘s Belle finally gave birth, but of course Rumple ruined it all

Ever since Belle became pregnant with Rumple’s baby, most fans have been waiting for him to ruin it all. Well, in addition to proving how horrible of a man he is and living up to the villain he will probably forever be, Rumple destroyed Belle’s chance at motherhood on tonight’s Once Upon a Time.

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Rumple just can’t help but be super selfish and blame his actions on his horrific past. Speaking of his past, that doesn’t make it OK for Rumple to continue going down a dark path. We get that he had awful parents (by the way, we also learned that his mother is the Black Fairy, aka a bad fairy with a darkened heart who steals children instead of protecting them), was unloved, made some terrible mistakes and so on. It’s hard not to feel some kind of emotion for Rumple when you see all that he endured. However, it’s also difficult to root for him when he continues to treat Belle like an object rather than the woman he loves and the human being she is.

So, of course, when Belle finally gave birth, it wasn’t on her own terms and ended in an extremely heartbreaking way. First, her pregnancy was sped up and she gave birth before she was ready. Technically, it was the Evil Queen who dosed Belle and forced her into early labor, but maybe if Rumple hadn’t treated the Evil Queen terribly, she wouldn’t have been pushed to make Belle give birth.

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Everyone also just assumed Rumple was behind the speeding up of Belle’s pregnancy, but does it really matter if they know the truth? Even though he didn’t end up following through with the plan of inducing Belle’s labor so he could cut their son’s fate with the shears and try to show his son that Rumple is worth loving, he still thought about it and almost did it.

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Well, by episode’s end, Belle gave birth, and after having a vision of their son all grown up, she realized that the only way he may ever have a great life is to send him somewhere far away. That’s right: Rumple went so far as to scare Belle into giving up her own child as a way to protect him. After holding her son in her arms, she handed him over to the Blue Fairy, who flew him off to an undisclosed location.

Belle also wouldn’t divulge to Rumple what she named their son, because that would just be another detail Rumple could use to find him. Plus, as explained in a flashback, Rumple’s own mother abandoned him without ever naming him. A name is so much more than a name; it shows that parents love their child by giving him or her some form of identity. Well, Belle threw that back in Rumple’s face by keeping him in the dark. It’s cold, but what else did he expect? She’s hit her breaking point, and who can blame her?

Side note: It still remains unclear whether Belle gave their son the same name as their adult son, who viewers have been led to believe is Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams.

Here’s hoping that one day, Belle will be reunited with her son and she will finally have some happiness in her life. Really, it’s getting old seeing her heart break over and over again. She truly deserves better as a woman, a person and a character.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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