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Some people actually think Kanye’s meltdown was planned for insurance money

There are actually jerks out there who think that Kanye West planned his breakdown for insurance money and to clean up his brand. Seriously?

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West has always been eccentric, but before he was hospitalized, he went so far off the rails, even his most dedicated fans were worried. He interrupted songs to go on long rants during his shows, abruptly ended a concert after only three songs and suddenly canceled his Saint Pablo Tour without warning. Soon after the announcement was made that the tour was over early, he was hospitalized amid rumors of paranoid delusions.

Now, Page Six reports that sources are saying West’s breakdown was carefully planned to make sure he gets insurance money for his canceled tour.

“He had just canceled for no reason, no injury, no force majeure, so they were going to lose a bunch of money,” an insider told the site. “Kanye is crazy, but not crazy enough to not get his insurance money. [He] knows what he is doing.”

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That same insider claimed that West’s hospitalization was encouraged by Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian West to do a sort of reset on West’s brand.

“He went too far off with the rants,” the source said. “It was going to alienate his core fan base. There are real business people around him, including Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian, who want the payday. They needed to preserve the brand this way.”

Meanwhile, West remains hospitalized, and his wife was seen leaving his side for the first time on Thanksgiving. Sources close to the family say he’s “starting to feel more like himself” and that he and his family “are taking it day by day. He understands that getting help at the hospital was necessary.”

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