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Kim Kardashian West won’t ditch Kanye West in his time of need

All eyes are on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West’s relationship right now, and while some speculate that the pair may soon be headed for divorce, a recent report seems to contradict this, painting the perfect picture of a supportive married couple.

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A source close to Kanye recently told People magazine that Kim has been there for her husband throughout his hospitalization. The source said, “He’s getting the support that he needs right now. Family and friends are around. Kim is being amazing. As are all of his friends and team and inner circle.”

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Kanye West was taken to a UCLA medical center for a psychiatric evaluation on Monday, Nov. 21 and his wife immediately dropped everything to be by her husband’s side. She was seen flying out of New York City, where she would have made her first public appearance since her Paris robbery by attending the Angel Ball — an event honoring her late father, Robert Kardashian — to head back to Los Angeles, California. These actions alone refute the rumors about the couple’s relationship being on rocky ground, and there is absolutely no evidence that Kim is not 100 percent committed to Kanye.

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As for the reasons behind Kanye’s apparent breakdown? According to the source, his wife’s terrifying robbery in Paris, France, on Oct. 3 played a large part in this. The source revealed, “All those things contribute to his stress level, exhaustion and lack of sleep.”

In addition to the stress of what happened to his wife, the source also revealed that Kanye was under emotional stress because the ninth anniversary of his beloved mother’s death is coming up and has been weighing on his mind, as this time of the year always brings him a lot of pain.

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