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Forget a baby – 11 other things that could happen to Sansa Stark in GoT

If there is one true Queen of the North, I am so ridiculously happy it’s Sansa Stark. This woman has been through some absolutely dire, horrific and abject events on Game of Thrones and finally, in Season 6, Sansa got some sweet, sweet revenge. Or were you not thoroughly empowered and impressed when she low-key assembled an entire army, supported her brother’s fight against Ramsay (the worst person in Westeros, if you ask me) and then just watched the latter get torn to shreds by a pack of dogs. Sure, revenge isn’t always the answer, but in this case, I think it’s safe to say we were all cheering Sansa on.

As the time draws nearer to the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere, it only makes sense to contemplate what lies in store for the eldest female Stark. With a recent rumor about Sansa’s possible pregnancy now debunked thanks to the Huffington Post, it’s time to truly assess what could happen to her in the penultimate season.

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As the series winds down, there are only so many realistic possibilities to contend with. It should be noted — and this is pretty interesting — that Game of Thrones is now officially (and quite literally) off book, diverging from the original series, and Sansa is not entrenched in any major fan theories. This means she is not beholden to any predetermined fate, nor can we truly grasp what’s in store for her.

So, all things considered, what could legitimately happen to Sansa in Season 7?

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1. Sansa may be going to war with her sister, Arya

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This one is a bit of a doozy, but it’s also the freshest story keeping the Sansa rumor mill running. Watchers on the Wall noted that Arya and Sansa will clash over ruling when they reunite in Season 7. This makes sense since the sisters never truly got along and they’ve been separated quite a long time. That kind of absence from this pivotal maturation in their respective lives means these sisters will be more like strangers when they cross paths again. Is there a Stark war brewing?

2. She will kill Arya or Bran

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Speaking of clashes, Sansa may go completely off the rails and decide that she wants to be the only living Stark in the North. As we’ve seen with the Mad King Aerys, madness plagues those in power. Sansa is at the top of the food chain in the North and might do anything to keep it that way.

3. Sansa will fight with Jon for total control of the North

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Going a different route but still in the power-hungry vein, Sansa could very well challenge Jon for the right to rule Winterfell and the North. She is the eldest Stark heir in name (which is an important factor on Game of Thrones) and Jon is not a direct descendant of Ned Stark’s. Sansa could totally square off against Jon to reclaim what is rightfully hers.

5. She could be plotting something major with Littlefinger

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Remember that intense stare Littlefinger and Sansa shared as the men serving Jon Snow chanted “King in the North”? That could very well have been a signal that Littlefinger is once again going to worm his way back into Sansa’s life and plot something dastardly. Fingers crossed, though, that Sansa keeps her wits about her and works the arrangement to her advantage.

6. Speaking of Littlefinger, she could also fall in love with him

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What if plotting for power laid the foundation for a powerful and romantic union? It’s no secret that Littlefinger has been eerily moon-eyed over Sansa for some time now. Sure, it’s a little Freudian because Sansa looks like her mother (and Littlefinger’s childhood crush), Catelyn Stark, but Sansa is not her mother. In an attempt to get companionship and true comfort, she might turn to the one man who knows her the best.

7. If she does love again, Sansa could also fall in love with Jon

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It’s technically not gross but it’s still a bit weird, right? If Jon did actually swerve everyone’s prediction and not hook up with Daenerys in a romantic way, then he could actually get involved with Sansa. We know Jon likes redheads (remember Ygritte?) and Jon is a rational guy. He would cozy up to Sansa out of familiarity and to keep the Stark name as powerful as possible. Plus, winter has finally arrived and I wouldn’t be surprised if cuffing season didn’t exist in Westeros in some way. C’mon, it could totally work.

8. Sansa could die

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Listen, death is a very real and regular event on Game of Thrones. As long as Sansa is living, she could be Death’s next victim. Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

9. Sansa is still a wildcard, so what if she goes off script?

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Sansa isn’t beholden to any kind of destiny or prophecy, unlike Cersei Lannister or Jon Snow. While Cersei and Jon don’t quite know of their own fates or personal histories, respectively, they are certainly more defined and controlled by those theories than Sansa. Sansa could take us all by surprise and do something completely random, like abandon Winterfell and go to live a Wildling existence for the rest of her days. Just sayin’.

10. She could help her family fight off the White Walkers

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I loathe the idea of Sansa actually turning against her siblings, however possible it may be. I like to think that as the White Walkers bear down on Westeros, Sansa will unite her Stark siblings, round up one ridiculously huge army and finish those devilish undead dudes once and for all. How epic would that be?

11. She could lead the Stark army in an attack on King’s Landing

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It’s no secret that there will be a big battle or two involving the Lannisters in Season 7. While Daenerys will ostensibly square off against Cersei for the Iron Throne, the Starks could potentially lead a charge to avenge the deaths of their family members, a majority of whom were murdered at the hands of the Lannisters or Lannister stand-ins. Sansa is great at getting an army together; would she lead the charge on King’s Landing too?

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So, what’s next for Sansa? I’ve only dropped a few ideas into the mix, but I think it’s safe to say literally anything could happen. All I know is that I am in dire need of Season 7 and I’m totally ready to watch Sansa channel her inner queen.

What do you think will happen to Sansa in Season 7? Let us know in the comments below.

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