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Just when Amber Heard appeared to be drama-free, she gets sued for millions

It appears that Amber Heard’s legal woes are far from over, and this time around, the problems are not related to her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. Rather, Heard is being sued over her failure to fulfill contractual and promotional obligations related to her long-gestating but still-unreleased film London Fields.

According to the BBC, Heard is being sued for $1 million by the film’s producers, Chris Hanley and Jordan Gertner. The laundry list of alleged failures includes Heard’s non-compliance to help promote the film at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival as well as allegedly conspiring “with director Mathew Cullen to remove some of the more provocative sex scenes.” Heard, who plays provocative psychic Nicola Six in the film, allegedly refused to shoot scenes involving extensive nudity. This, the producers contend, was in direct violation of her contract and contributed to the severity of her alleged breach.

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The BBC goes on to report, via the Los Angeles Superior Court, that “Heard participated in a concerted campaign of disinformation against the plaintiff and the picture, which has significantly damaged both.” For Heard’s part, records indicate she never agreed to shoot those scenes and thus there was no actual conspiracy.

Intriguingly, it’s been reported that Heard was not the only cast member involved in an attempt not to properly promote the film, and allegedly some may actively be trying to prevent London Fields from getting properly screened and distributed. The Hollywood Reporter reports the involvement of a large portion of the cast not showing up to the Toronto International Film Festival, which hindered the excitement that had been built up to the screening.

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The lawsuit comes after an extended period of battling for the film to actually be released; this new case against Heard would simply add to the protracted battle to get the film distributed.

While Heard is not the only person involved in London Fields that is facing a legal quarrel with the film’s producers, it is incredibly unfortunate that it would come so swiftly on the heels of her contentious case against ex-husband Depp.

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For her part, Heard appears to have kept moving forward following her very public separation from Depp. Following her settlement with the actor, Heard donated her $7 million divorce settlement to the ACLU and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. It can only be hoped that her current legal issues with the London Fields‘ producers end relatively painlessly and much more swiftly than her protracted case against Depp.

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