90 Day Fiance reunion offers an update on the couples

It’s the final reunion show and we get to see how our couples turned out.

The stars of the 90 Day Fiance reunion are couples Chantal and Pedro as well as Alla and Matt. Alla did a really great job of sharing her feelings and thoughts. Her calm demeanor was notable and she and Matt seemed in sync and supportive of each other. Although they had some struggles with Matt’s brother, the wedding turned out nice and everyone seemed to be moving in a positive direction. Ally’s son seemed excited as well he told the camera that this was his new home, which was heart-warming.

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Chantal and Pedro also appeared to have a positive connection as well. Chantal talked about Pedro in very endearing terms. They seem to have moved past the family issues that caused tension earlier in the season. Proof that if your connection is strong enough, even family conflict won’t be able to break that.

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In contrast, Jorge and Anfisa need to work on conflict resolution. Similarly, Nicole and Azan are still trying to figure out their relationship and Nicole’s mom appears concerned. Nicole does appear to be optimistic, which is a good quality. The two couples here have some challenges to overcome in order to help themselves and their relationships flourish. If Jorge and Anifsa can figure what is behind the conflict and be able to work through, then they will have some skills to manage their feelings and hopefully develop a healthier relationship than what was shown on the program. They did get married, as compared to Nicole and Azan who are not married yet. Hopefully, these two couples can figure out what is best.

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Hopefully the couples can all find happiness together.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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