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Gwyneth Paltrow: A star who realized she’s just like us and isn’t stoked about it

It’s no secret that Gwyneth Paltrow is one of Hollywood’s mega-elite.

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In fact, since she launched her lifestyle website, Goop, she’s become sort of a running joke because of the completely extravagant, useless-but-over-the-top-expensive things she shills from the site, especially in her yearly gift guide ($15,000 gold-plated dildos, anyone?).

But apparently Goop doesn’t pay the bills like being an A-list actress did, and Paltrow is getting a taste of how the other side lives. And, surprise to no one, she doesn’t love it.

I had no idea how much I was in a career where everyone kissed my ass, and now people are like ‘fuck you, what’s the bottom line?'” she said to reporters at Saturday’s Airbnb Open conference.

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What’s more, Paltrow apparently has to budget her finances a little, and that means no more luxuries like the private jets she took when she was a movie star.

“Now, like, we’re on JetBlue,” she said.

So she’s sort of like us now, except that her big sacrifice is flying JetBlue, while just flying is a giant privilege that tons of families don’t have, but OK.

Despite the “drawbacks,” though, Paltrow doesn’t regret giving up her lavish life to run Goop full time.

“I have never felt so professionally fulfilled in my life,” she said, adding that she dedicates 100 percent of her time to the site. “It’s such a grind, it’s such hard work, but it’s so amazing to be involved in something you believe in, making a product you love.”

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