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Mariah Carey’s all about the rebound boyfriend so she got herself one

Update, Dec. 1, 11:30 a.m. PST: It’s official: Mariah Carey and her backup dancer Bryan Tanaka are definitely an item.

The two were photographed in the middle of a serious PDA sesh on a beach in Maui this week.

They were seen holding hands and kissing as they walked on the beach and played in the waves, confirming weeks of rumors that Tanaka is Carey’s rebound guy after her split from James Packer.

Original story:

Mariah Carey isn’t wasting any time moving on.

Just weeks after she split from her billionaire fiancé James Packer, Carey has been seen out and about with one of her backup dancers.

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Page Six reports that Carey and dancer Bryan Tanaka, the man who is rumored to have had something to do with her breakup, have been spotted looking super-cozy and couply together in the last few weeks, most recently in LA at Airbnb’s Open Spotlight event, where onlookers said they were seen “strolling hand-in-hand” Saturday.

“It looked like they’re legit dating,” one witness told the site.

Later that night, it seemed like they went on a little family date with Carey’s manager Stella Bulochnikov, as well as Bulochnikov’s kids. Onlookers said Carey and Tanaka may as well have been the only ones there with how they were acting.

“Bryan had his arm around Mariah all night,” one witness said. “She fed him dessert.”

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Carey and Packer broke up last month, and rumors have been swirling about their split ever since. Some have said that they broke up because of Carey’s spending habits and diva attitude. Other reports say the breakup came after Carey was insulted by the prenup that Packer wanted her to sign. They’ve reportedly been talking about rekindling their relationship, but it hasn’t been going well, sources told Page Six.

While Carey was out with Tanaka, she reportedly giggled at a fan who told her he would slap Packer if he “keeps fucking with [her].”

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What do you think: Are Carey and Tanaka dating? Let us know how you feel about this rumor in the comments.

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