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The Voice‘s Billy Gilman made the right choice by ditching country music

Billy Gilman may get a lot of hate for appearing on The Voice despite having an impressive history in the music industry, but let’s face it: Season 11 wouldn’t be nearly as good without him. Having already impressed fans with his stellar voice and mesmerizing stage presence, Gilman changed his tune tonight, returning to the artist that first set him apart on The Voice: Adele.

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That’s right — Gilman pulled out the stops with another amazing Adele song. This time, he stripped it down a bit with encouragement from Adam Levine. According to Gilman, Levine chose an incredibly difficult song. Adele is never an easy artist to cover, but her hit “All I Ask” is particularly challenging. Gilman rose to the occasion, however, connecting with audience in a way we’ve rarely seen on The Voice.

Billy Gilman
Image: NBC

The judges were clearly thrilled with Gilman’s latest performance. Shelton echoed our sentiments when he asked Gilman if he’s ever hit a bad note. Levine agreed, but added that there’s more to Gilman than pitch-perfect melodies; he actually put something personal into his performance tonight, and that’s what set him apart.

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During Gilman’s performance, we were reminded of the huge transition he’s made. Those who bash him due to his industry experience forget how hard the transition from child star to adult musician can be. Combine this with a second transition from country to pop, and it’s easy to see why Gilman struggled for so long. Ultimately, however, his journey was worthwhile. His journey has inspired him to take huge risks, all in the name of staying true to himself.

Billy Gilman
Image: NBC

A few fans are still struggling to get used to this new, pop-focused Gilman, but we are thrilled that he’s made this transition. Yes, he can slay just about any style, but ultimately, his best performances occur when his passion is most evident — as is the case when he’s belting out Adele. Longtime fans may struggle to accept that Gilman is no longer a country artist, but as far as we’re concerned, it’s the best decision he’s ever made.

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Do you prefer Billy Gilman as a pop or a country singer? What did you think of his performance tonight on The Voice? Comment and share your opinion below.

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