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NCIS‘ Ellie Bishop has a new love in her life & it’s obviously [SPOILER]

Based on the promo for Tuesday’s NCIS, things are heating up for Ellie Bishop and her personal life. Now that she is no longer with her husband Jake, she has a new man by her side. As exciting as that is, what makes her romance even more thrilling is that fans know him.

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That’s right; Bishop’s boyfriend is someone viewers have seen before. While chatting with TV Guide, Emily Wickersham opened up about her character’s relationship and said, “I was surprised. But I felt like it made a lot of sense. It’s someone who Bishop has had a strong friendship with for a while, so I liked that aspect to it. And… I don’t think anyone will really expect it because it’s not someone who’s really been around all that much.”

Wickersham divulged even more details to TVLine. So who is it? Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Reeves (Duane Henry) are the most likely candidates. As Wickersham told TVLine, Bishop’s three brothers come to town and their scenes with Torres and Reeves are something to look forward to. “Their stuff with Torres and Reeves, I cannot wait to see.” If she’s excited for that, then it must mean Bishop’s boyfriend is probably one of the new guys, right?

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If we had to narrow it down, our money is on Reeves. Firstly, Wickersham said he spends time with her brothers, which means they obviously think their sister could be (or totally is) dating him. Secondly, she said that Bishop’s boyfriend isn’t “around all that much.” Who hasn’t been around a lot? Reeves. Henry is a series regular, so maybe this is NCIS‘ way of integrating him back into the storyline? Plus, Henry is listed to appear in the episode, but he is a series regular, so maybe that’s why he is part of the cast list.

Lastly, let’s also not forget that Reeves and Bishop spent some time together in Season 14, Episode 5 (“Philly”) investigating a case (photo below). There’s a good chance this is where they took things to the next level.

Quinn, Reeves, Bishop
Image: CBS

If it’s not Reeves, then who else could it be? Again, Torres is an option. He and Bishop have been working a lot together and maybe they’ve hit things off romantically. Though, it seems like Torres is trying to work through a lot of personal issues and dating doesn’t seem to be a priority for him. On the other hand, in the promo teasing Bishop’s boyfriend, Quinn asks Ellie if she was on date. She replies no, but Torres says yes. Is he just instigating or is he saying, “Yes, we were on a date”?

Another option could be Special Agent Tony Francis (Tony Gonzalez). He’s been on a few episodes and appeared this season, though he was more interested in Quinn than Bishop. However, maybe after being shut down by Quinn he moved onto Bishop? That seems doubtful and it’s totally Reeves, right?

Whoever it is, he better be worth it, because Bishop is breaking Rule No. 12 (“Never date a co-worker”) and Gibbs may try to school her on his rules.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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NCIS slideshow
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