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Does Drake’s Apple commercial totally prove he’s dating Taylor Swift?

The rumor mill swirled last month when Taylor Swift attended Drake’s birthday party in West Hollywood and the two supposedly spent a lot of time together. Seeming to take pleasure in the rumors, Drake posted a shot of himself with Swift on Instagram. And then everything died down, and we’ve heard nothing more — until now.

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Drake dropped a new Apple Music commercial last night, which is as over-the-top absurd as it is delightfully watchable. Basically, Drizzy fires up a secret playlist after his trainer leaves the private gym in which he is getting his sweat on and pumps Swift’s “Bad Blood” at high volume, lip-synching along with it in classic Drake fashion. After getting his (awkward) dance moves on, he proceeds to the weight bench, where he finds himself unable to chest press the gigantic weight he has in his hands — and then falls off the bench.

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Honestly, the bench fall doesn’t make much sense — he pretty much catapults himself off the bench — but the whole thing is clearly in homage to Swift’s Apple Music commercial from earlier this year in which she hits the treadmill while listening to Drake and Future’s hit “Jumpman” and then winds up falling off the back of the treadmill (pretty much everyone’s worst fear).

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Swift posted the commercial on Instagram last night alongside the caption “YES @champagnepapi #drakevsbenchpress.” Drake followed suit, posting the commercial and the caption “@taylorswift @applemusic @21savage #SwiftGains #NoMercy #LightWork #Draylor” a few hours later.

Drake and Taylor Swift
Image: Getty Images

Obviously, the pair is having a great time trolling us all. It definitely doesn’t seem like Drake and Swift — or should we say “Draylor,” as Drake did — are actually dating, but they are certainly pals and enjoying the ridiculousness of the rumors. Or, you know, they’re secretly in love. Doubtful, though: It really isn’t Swift’s forte to keep her relationships under wraps.

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