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Y&R and B&B aren’t the only soaps with memorable crossovers

Crossover episodes and characters used to be a staple in soap operas back when there were a multitude of sister shows on the air. Now that the network inventory is reduced to four soaps, there are only two related shows left — The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful.

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Last week’s reports that new head writer Sally Sussman is reviving the crossover stories between the two CBS series brings lots of cheers from the viewers. It’s a device that works well because it keeps the audience engaged with the storylines.

If the rumors are true, fans will see Bold and the Beautifuls Deacon Sharpe, played by Sean Kanan, turn up on Y&R as Ashley Abbott’s (Eileen Davidson) new flame. It’s the perfect way to bring Davidson’s character back to the forefront on the long-running show.

The buzz around this crossover possibility has us reminiscing about some of our favorite crossovers in soap history. How many do you remember?

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1. The epic villain

The late William J. Bell, creator of Y&R and B&B, knew he had supervillain who he couldn’t get rid of. Once Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) wore out her welcome in Genoa City, he spun her off to torment the folks in Los Angeles on B&B. Sheila managed to wreak havoc in her new city with an affair, blackmail and even holding up the Forrester family at gunpoint.

2. Beloved character

Debbi Morgan played Angie Hubbard for years on All My Children, but creator Agnes Nixon knew to keep her story going on two more of her shows — Loving and The City.

Angie moved her family from Pine Valley to Loving‘s quaint town of Corinth, Pennsylvania, where she found herself in a love triangle with her second husband and her late first husband’s identical cousin, Jacob, played on both shows by Darnell Williams.

The triangle ended with Jacob and Angie starting over in Soho in The City, where they had a baby girl together. It’s a complicated history for such a beloved character.

3. Married to the mob

Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) was legendary on General Hospital for trying to meddle in her family’s company and take over the business. When that attempt failed, she moved on to The City, where she successfully dethroned Sydney Chase (Morgan Fairchild) as the villain du jour.

Tracy got involved with a mob boss and dove right into organized crime because that woman loved the rush of power. Even though she eventually made it back to Port Charles, her mob boss days still haunted her.

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4. Mother-daughter reunion

Fans loved the mother-daughter relationship between Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). GH viewers begged for a reunion for years, but it didn’t come on the show they expected. It happened on All My Children.

In an age-old soap plot device, Hughes played twin sisters. Alex was living in AMC’s Pine Valley and married to a royal. Anna came to town as an amnesiac after supposedly dying in an explosion with her ex-husband a decade ago on GH.

The convoluted story ultimately reunited the two darlings of ABC so the fans got exactly what they wanted, just on a different show.

5. Love gone wrong

Taking Y&R’s beloved Ashley Abbott out of Genoa City felt wrong, but she did it for a time after having a fling in France with Bold and the Beautiful’s Rick Forrester (Kyle Lowder).

A vacation affair goes sour when Ashley turns up in Los Angeles to work for Forrester Creations and she takes up with Rick’s stepbrother Ridge (Ron Moss). While involved with Ashley, Ridge rekindles his romance with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Brooke’s crazy brother Storm (William deVry) becomes obsessed with Ashley.

That turn of events was enough to send Ashley packing her bags and hightailing it back to Europe for Forrester International. The waters at Bold and the Beautiful were just too dangerous for our Y&R gal.

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