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Kristen Wiig’s SNL skits just couldn’t outshine that Donald Trump cold open

Kristen Wiig knows how to get us ready for Thanksgiving: with a Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving song and an Alec Baldwin/Donald Trump feud, of course!

Wiig returned to host SNL ahead of the holiday for the second time, joined by Baldwin, Steve Martin, Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte.

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“You might not know this about me, but I’m what they call a ‘Thanksgiving freak,'” Wiig said in her opening. “I am a real turkey head.”

Wiig proceeded to sing her melody of turkey love, which included a messed-up sort of history lesson about the first Thanksgivings, including Vikings, Santa, Benjamin Franklin, aliens and Sacajawea… in Egypt.

Check out her full monologue, including her song, below.

Viewers were definitely happy to see Wiig return.

Though she performed a number of skits throughout the night, fans seemed to agree that the skit with Baldwin as President-elect Trump was the best of the night.

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In the skit, a nervous, recently elected Trump tried to pawn off all the responsibility on Pence and continued to insist he had a secret military plan for ISIS.

And though most found it hilarious, Trump was not a fan.

To which Baldwin was quick to respond:

Meanwhile, Wiig is staying out of it, though I really wish she would have been the one dressed up as Mike Pence.

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Which skit was your favorite from Saturday Night Live hosted by Kristen Wiig?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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