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Lil’ Kim says God told her to let the haters ‘keep hating’

Haters better step down.

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Lil’ Kim was just honored at the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network Awards, and as she was giving her speech at the event, she included a special message for anyone who’s ever doubted her.

“When I first got into this industry, I received a lot of hate. I still receive a lot of hate… I’m a sensitive person. I’m a Cancer,” she said, before adding that she has one especially powerful tool for dealing with her haters.

“But every time I talk to God, he says, ‘Let them keep hating,'” she continued. “So, I just say, ‘Yeah, OK. I got God on my side. What y’all gonna do with me now?'”

Kim has always been a pretty polarizing artist. She even has an entire song, “Haterz,” dedicated to the people who have stood in the way of her career.

Most recently, she got a ton of backlash for saying she’s a “Spanish girl trapped in a Black girl’s body,” in a video from 2013 that just popped back up online in the last few weeks.

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“Why is that controversial, though?” she said in an interview about the controversy. “People are stupid. And you’re all dumb. People just like to start shit when they can’t find anything. At the end of the day, I grew up around a lot of Latinas and Latino men in my family and in my life. They don’t know that. I don’t give a fuck either.”

She continued, “You just gotta laugh at their asses because they’re stupid.”


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