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Jon Stewart defends Donald Trump supporters who are being labeled racist

This election season has been remarkably divisive. There’s no doubt about that.

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And in the aftermath, Jon Stewart is finally weighing in on President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters.

“I thought Donald Trump disqualified himself at numerous points. But there is now this idea that anyone who voted for him is — has to be defined by the worst of his rhetoric,” Stewart said in an interview on CBS This Morning. “Like, there are guys in my neighborhood that I love, that I respect, that I think have incredible qualities who are not afraid of Mexicans and not afraid of Muslims and not afraid of blacks. They’re afraid of their insurance premiums. In the liberal community, you hate this idea of creating people as a monolith. Don’t look at Muslims as a monolith. They are the individuals and it would be ignorance. But everybody who voted for Trump is a monolith, is a racist. That hypocrisy is also real in our country.”

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Of course, not all Trump supporters are racist, misogynistic and bigoted like Trump. But at best, they overlooked the things he said that show just how racist, misogynistic and bigoted he is.

Have we really become a country that’s willing to let an openly racist man hold our highest office because we’re afraid of, what, our insurance premiums going up? Are we so devoid of empathy that we can turn a blind eye to the promises Trump has made to harm our black, Latino, LGBT and Muslim friends and neighbors because it might put a few more dollars in our pockets?

Jon Stewart is a smart man, and he’s right that Trump’s supporters do not embody the worst of his traits. But because of what they were willing to overlook, our president now does.

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