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Nicole Kidman’s return to The Tonight Show was just unbelievably weird

Even though Nicole Kidman really didn’t want to return to Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show (because of how hilariously awkward it was the last time), she did make an appearance on Thursday, and it was just as cringeworthy as we expected.

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You may remember (who are we kidding, it’s impossible to forget) that during her interview on the show last year, Kidman told Fallon that she had been interested in him when the pair were both single back in 2001. So, because of how awkward things got that time, Kidman stated on Thursday’s show that she “really didn’t want to come back.”

But rather than let the past be forgotten, Fallon ensured he was going to make this time on his show just as uncomfortable for Kidman. Every time she tried to speak about anything, Fallon gazed at her and Gary Wright’s song “Dream Weaver” began to play in the background.

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While this alone is hilarious, the most noteworthy part of the video is that Fallon blew his chances with Kidman not once but twice.

“We were at David Fincher’s house, and it was when Brad [Pitt] and Jen [Aniston] were still together,” Kidman told Fallon. “So, it was a long time ago, and you could have asked for my number then ’cause it was Round 2. Well, second chance, and you still didn’t ask for it. And you know that’s true. So do not pretend.”

Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon have a super-awkward interview

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Busted, Jimmy! But Kidman got her revenge when she surprised Fallon with a visit from her husband, Keith Urban.

Kidman then proceeded to sit on Urban’s lap while Fallon tried to play a jinx game with her — and Kidman looked seriously uncomfortable, even wanting for Urban to join in because she felt it was a “chemistry game.”

There’s been quite a reaction in the comment section of the video in response to Kidman’s actions while Urban joined her on the show, and it’s not good!

“what is she want to prove here??? Nicole make everything awkward lol,” Tanya Sparrow wrote. Dexter Morgan shared similar sentiments, writing, “Nicole Kidman is me trying to prove to my ex that I’m over her…..”

“Nicole just why? Last time you created a golden moment in television history but this time you ruined it all,” Tung Do commented. “You didn’t have to try that unduly hard to prove that you and Keith are a married couple, it only made things super cringeworthy.”

Narek Avetisyan simply wrote, “wtf? This is the weirdest shit I’ve seen all day.”

What did you think of Nicole Kidman’s actions on The Tonight Show? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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