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AHS: Roanoke‘s season finale left too many loose ends

American Horror Story: Roanoke‘s season finale left a lot to be desired, mostly because there wasn’t really a conclusion to anything that happened in the season.

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I mean, everyone died… so there’s that. But we’ve known that all the characters were going to die since the middle of the season. The problem with a supernatural show is that death is not the end so you can’t count all your characters dying as a definitive wrap.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for some questions being left unanswered. Leaving some room for mystery is just a sign of good writing, but Roanoke left us with very few answers. Namely, all of the ghosts were just left behind. The characters didn’t even attempt an exorcism or something to try to get rid of the evil spirits.

Before Lee decided to sacrifice herself for Flora, couldn’t she have at least suggested they try to find peace for Priscilla rather than one of them just agreeing to live in hell?

I also took issue with the interview format of the finale with Shelby/Audrey/Lana, aka Sarah Paulson reprising her Asylum character after already playing two different characters in Roanoke. It felt like we’ve been here done that while Lana talked with Lee.

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Of course, the shooting was a surprising and too-real twist that had me thinking Ryan Murphy‘s message of this season could be the effects of the changing tide of entertainment on the world. All of the reality TV and social media hoopla can never lead to good things, especially in the world of American Horror Story.

When I think of the deeper meaning like that, I do find a solid appreciation for Roanoke. I just wish it hadn’t gotten so bogged down with so many shifting characters, storylines and murders that I stopped caring to keep them straight. Because they were all going to die anyway, so what was the point?

All in all, the story did boil down to Lee’s love for Flora. Just because she wasn’t the best mother didn’t mean she couldn’t do the right thing for Flora when it mattered most.

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There are already all sorts of theories about how Flora may return in future seasons. Also, the Roanoke mansion could pop up again. Just because Murphy hasn’t given us a solid wrap to all those murder-y ghosts doesn’t mean he can’t deliver on it later.

Do you think Ryan Murphy should incorporate a grown-up Flora into American Horror Story Season 7?

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