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Survivor viewers rejoice after Taylor Stocker gets voted off

Forget the Millennials vs. Gen-X theme. This episode could have easily been titled Survivor: Adam vs. Taylor. Their war of words at Tribal Council was like watching the presidential debates all over again.

With his back against the wall, Taylor totally threw Adam under the bus with a few big lies. After admitting he had stolen food from the tribe and buried it away from camp, Taylor said Adam helped him do it. He even claimed that Adam ate some of it. While it was 100 percent true that Taylor selfishly hoarded food, his comments about Adam were false.

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If that weren’t enough, Taylor tossed one more stick of dynamite on the fire by revealing Adam’s secret advantage to steal somebody’s Reward. “In other words, he can steal your loved ones’ visit,” Taylor smugly said through his careless grin. Without hesitation, Adam responded by admitting his advantage is real, but argued it wasn’t a reason to vote him out.

Adam Klein at camp on Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen-X
Image: CBS

Let’s be real for a moment. Adam didn’t steal anything from anybody. He stumbled upon the advantage, which will only impact a single player when he uses it to snatch their Reward. If he uses it. On the flip side, Taylor being a food thief was like giving everybody a big middle finger. Keep in mind, he actually said stealing to create his self-described bunker of food was the “best idea ever.”

Him stirring up trouble at Tribal Council was a pathetic ploy to spare himself. And it failed miserably. Thank goodness. With his elimination, Twitter turned into a Survivor celebration from countless viewers.

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It was about time Taylor’s torch was snuffed. It was obvious his heart wasn’t in the game. Now we will have more time to focus on the actual strategists this season instead of giving so much attention to his nonsense.

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Taylor Stocker on Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen-X
Image: CBS

Meanwhile, rifts are definitely opening in the Gen-X tribe. Sunday, who has been nearly invisible all season long, suddenly wanted to take control of the game. Huh? Where did she come from? She was fearful of retaliation from Jessica after casting a vote against her much earlier in the competition. As her allies were plotting to split the votes against Jay and Taylor, she told Bret her desire to take Jessica out instead. Trying to push her idea even deeper, Sunday went to the opposite alliance and discussed her concerns about Jessica with Jay. Now, she has opened the door for Jay and his crew to step inside and wiggle their way through the majority voting block. This could get interesting.

Sunday Burquest on Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen-X
Image: CBS

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