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Charlie Sheen’s kids are reportedly safe after a bizarre string of events

Charlie Sheen’s kids were apparently missing earlier today, and while police have called off the search, the circumstances surrounding the whole situation are just really bizarre.

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Sheen and his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, have been battling over custody of their kids since they separated in 2010. Police were called after Mueller was seen barefoot at a bar in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her 7-year-old twins, who were wearing pajamas and also barefoot. A witness who said he recognized Mueller said she was asking to bum a cigarette from other people at the bar, and that she seemed “high as a kite.”

The onlooker also said that one of the twins was begging bystanders not to call the police, saying “Don’t call the cops, they are going to take my mommy away!”

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The Daily Mail reports that someone eventually called the police after the kids’ nanny showed up and she and Mueller got into a fight. Before police arrived, Mueller and the kids left the bar in a black Escalade that picked them up, and then tried to check into several hotels. Around 4 a.m., they were given a room at the Skyline Inn Hotel, where she reportedly told the clerk that three women had attempted to rob her. Mueller and the kids only stayed a few hours and checked out around 6 a.m.

Reports say Mueller had told people at the bar that she was Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife and handed out his number. He told reporters, “I’m just trying to get my kids home safe. I have no other details that relate to the ongoing event.”

The search for Mueller and her kids was called off early in the morning after a witness reported seeing them at a car wash. The witness said that Mueller was “swinging wildly at her kids.

What might be the most bizarre turn in the story is that after all of that, police sources told The Daily Mail that they spoke to Mueller and they don’t believe the children are in danger.

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