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Corey Feldman’s marriage proposal would have made The Goonies proud

Corey Feldman will soon be a married man. Over the weekend, he decided it was the perfect time to ask his girlfriend of four years, Courtney Anne, to marry him.

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The couple was celebrating their anniversary in Palm Springs at Two Bunch Palms Resort when Feldman popped the question. But don’t think it was anything extravagant: Feldman decided to make his proposal truly memorable — by putting it in writing.

Feldman scribbled his proposal on a note which read, “Will you marry me?” and then gave Courtney Anne two boxes to check: “No” or “Yes.”

So, why the note? Feldman told People magazine that he was nervous about the proposal because “you never truly know what a woman is thinking. So as much as I assumed she would be happy and say ‘yes,’ there’s always that insecure part of my brain that regresses immediately to my childhood and thought maybe not.” Which is how he came up with the idea of the written proposal — a proposal we think would have made his character Mouth in ’80s teen classic The Goonies so proud.

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As for Courtney Anne’s reaction? She was reportedly overwhelmed, as Feldman revealed, “She was very surprised, excited and started crying. She was surprised because we had both been so anti-marriage since we met.”

So, what made them change their minds about getting hitched? Apparently, that’s all thanks to Donald Trump, as Feldman said, “she’s Canadian and with Trump coming in, we didn’t want to risk being separated by new immigration laws.”

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While there are no details yet on the wedding, Feldman did tell the publication that it would be “very soon” and will be a small celebration for only close friends and family. However, within the next year, you can expect to see (at the very least) photos from the couple’s big day, because Feldman revealed that they “will likely have a big public wedding for friends and media to attend within a year.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

What do you think of Corey Feldman’s proposal? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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