Angelina Jolie — and Brad Pitt — are Billy Bob Thornton's favorite new topic

Nov 16, 2016 at 9:08 a.m. ET
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In the wake of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's divorce, one person has been very vocal: Billy Bob Thornton.

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In the years following his divorce from Jolie in 2003, Thornton has addressed their relationship on numerous occasions, and again last week during an interview with GQ magazine in which he revealed that he never really felt good enough for Jolie. And now he's speaking about her again!

During an interview with Playboy magazine, Thornton reiterated his previous comments saying, "I always felt beneath [Jolie] and if you're living a life with someone you feel you're beneath, that's not good for either of you." However, he maintains that they're still on good terms — even if they don't speak all that regularly.

"That won't ever go away," he told the magazine, before adding, "Sometimes I won't see her for five years. But I offer. I know she's been through a lot. She's a great person. And she's one of the people who didn't abandon me. She never has."

But apart from having good things to say about Jolie, Thornton also had a few words about Pitt, and it turns out that despite the fact that they share an ex, he'd really like to get to know him better — well, at least on set.

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"This might surprise people, but I'd love to do a movie with Brad Pitt," he explained. "I think we'd be great together. We'd play a couple of Southern guys."

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