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Dream Kardashian’s birth has Khloé Kardashian feeling really broody

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian welcomed daughter Dream last week, and apparently another member of the Kardashian clan wants Kylie Jenner to be next.

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Jenner has been dating longtime boyfriend Tyga for quite some time, and Jenner’s sister, Khloé Kardashian, reportedly thinks it’s time that they took their relationship to the next level, starting with a baby. A source close to the family reportedly told Hollywood Life that “Khloé has encouraged Kylie to not wait too long before she begins a family. While all of Kylie’s sisters have mixed views about Kylie having a child with Tyga, Khloé has advised young Kylie to start a family ASAP!”

Khloe Kardashian wants Kylie Jenner to have a baby
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But we find this report odd for several reasons: Jenner is only 19, and she and Tyga (although they seem happy now) have had somewhat of a volatile relationship, so it wouldn’t be the smartest move to start having children just yet. That, and Khloé is the only Kardashian who doesn’t have children herself, so why would she be the one encouraging Jenner to start having babies?

Well, according to the source, that’s because she thinks her baby sister would make a great mom.

“Khloé feels that Kylie is far more mature than any other young woman her age and if she has found someone she wants to have children with, then why wait?” the source revealed, adding, “Khloé told Kylie that she is loving, caring and fortunate enough to be financially secure at a young age, all things that would make her a great sexy young mom.”

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What do you think of the latest report of Khloé Kardashian encouraging Kylie Jenner to have a baby?

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