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Joy Duggar overshadowed Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding with courting announcement

After several weeks of doubt regarding TLC’s ability to continue with Counting On, it looks like we have an answer: There will definitely be another season. First, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are enjoying their honeymoon in Australia and New Zealand, and that’s bound to bring a little excitement to a show that has felt all too stale as of late. More important, however, Jinger and Jeremy are old news. Now, it’s all about Joy-Anna Duggar’s courtship!

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Jinger looked breathtaking and her family seemed ecstatic, but after the episode, nobody was really talking about the wedding. Instead, the speculation centered on Joy-Anna and her big courtship announcement. Turns out, Jinger’s younger sister is courting a longtime family friend! The lucky guy’s name is Austin, and he is bound to be featured heavily during the next season of Counting On. His request to enter a courtship was far more romantic than Ben and Jeremy’s courtship proposals; he asked Joy to join him in a very special location, complete with stunning fall scenery.

Joy Anna Duggar
Image: TLC

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In the short time that we’ve known of Joy’s courtship, there has been a lot of feedback on Twitter. A few fans are very happy for Joy and Austin, but many think that she is far too young to be courting. Others are simply sad on Jana’s behalf, as she could very soon be the only adult Duggar female in the house (other than, you know, Michelle).

Joy and her new beau seem happy, so hopefully everything works out. And hopefully, since they are so young, they will not take the fast-track chosen by Jinger and Jeremy. If nothing else, there will be plenty of interesting footage next season!

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What do you think of Joy-Anna Duggar’s big news? Is she too young to court? Comment and share your opinion below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Image: TLC

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