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Brad Pitt’s ‘secret tapes’ allegedly prove his innocence

Are these the super-secret, damning tapes that Brad Pitt allegedly had to use in his custody fight against Angelina Jolie?

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Radar Online had obtained audio records from the Minneapolis Air Route Traffic Control Center on the day of the infamous in-flight altercation that pushed Jolie to file for divorce, and they show that the family encountered a little air turbulence during their flight, but that there was no fight on board the private plane.

Previous reports have laid out rumors saying everything from “Pitt was drunk and belligerent” to “he actually got into a physical fight with his 16-year-old son, Maddox.” He was investigated by several different agencies for child abuse because of the rumors about what happened on that flight, but he’s since been cleared and all the investigations have been closed.

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Jolie has been fighting hard for sole custody of the former couple’s six kids. They reached a temporary custody agreement that says the kids live with Jolie and have supervised visits with Pitt. Pitt, Jolie and all of the kids are undergoing family therapy, reports say.

But while Pitt and Jolie are keeping their custody negotiations out of court and therefore private, this audio could play a big role if the reports surrounding their custody battle are true. If Jolie is seeking custody based on this incident that supposedly happened on the flight, she may have just lost her whole case.

Then again, there could be a lot more that’s happened behind the scenes, and knowing how private Jolie and Pitt like to keep their and their kids’ lives, we may never know the real, full story.

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