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Nick Viall’s new Bachelor promo is such a tease

OK, can we all agree on something here? 2016 has been absolutely terrible. Donald Trump was elected president. Your favorite celeb probably died or got divorced. Really, it’s been an unusually awful year.

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But you guys, something good just happened. ABC has finally released a promo for the upcoming season of The Bachelor, otherwise known as the best season of the show ever to happen, and we already know that for sure because, Nick Viall.

Wait. That’s it? Seriously? Are you fucking kidding me, ABC?

This is the season of The Bachelor that promises to revive the tired franchise with a controversial star. This is the season that will make up for all the snoring we did during Ben Higgins’ and JoJo Fletcher’s seasons. Filming has been happening for weeks, so is it too much to ask to see a little more than three women talking about how hot Nick is? We know he’s hot. That’s the one thing everyone — his fans and his haters — can conclusively agree on.

And wow, look, they had Nick take his shirt off for this dumb promo! Is that supposed to keep us interested? We have his Instagram for that. He’s shirtless like, 97.2 percent of the time. Why wouldn’t he be when he’s got abs like that? Behold, Nick’s abs looking way better than they do in the half-second shot ABC put in that stupid video:

The Bachelor doesn’t premiere until Jan. 2, and obviously we’re going to wait patiently and tune in because this season promises to be epic, regardless of how lame ABC’s promo spots are. But still. You had a chance to seriously brighten up our week, ABC, and this is what you did with it? Shame.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Jason Mesnick crying on The Bachelor
Image: ABC

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