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Anfisa finally opens up to Jorge on 90 Day Fiancé 

On 90 Day Fiancé, Anfisa and Jorge continued to work through their ongoing differences. They began the episode in odds.Jorge told the camera that their relationship has changed.We watch them navigate some rough times and he meets with his sisters to get some advice.The sisters are pretty blunt with their views and don’t seem to be on Anfisa’s side at the moment.

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Jorge continues to discuss their conflicts and he tells the audience Anfisa did something to his second car.She keyed it as he went to the parking garage after she told him this on the phone.This is disappointing that she was so angry to act out in this way. She needs to be handle conflict in another way. However, he appears upset and wants her to go home, and tells us that he will take her to airport off camera.We watch a little more and they go to the airport and return together. I wonder what the conversation occurred when the camera was not allowed to film.Maybe they had some serious discussions about the relationship.All we know is that they returned together.

Anfisa asked him to go to dinner with her to discuss things that are going on in their relationship.At the table she tries to explain her feelings, which is something that has been needed all along.While some of the behaviors they both displayed are not healthy, if they are going to have a positive union, the two are going to have to learn to have healthy conflict instead of the unhealthy behaviors that the audience sees on the screen. I think when they watch this back it might help them learn and grow.

She shares her feelings with him at the dinner table and tells him that she is “lonely.”The look on his face seems like he has realized this and is happy in a way that she is finally sharing her feelings. He can understand that she misses her family and friends.She tells him that she is sorry and the two decide that they want to continue to be married.

In my opinion, being able to have open and honest conversations are necessary in all healthy relationships, and if you cannot do this then you have to figure out why. Being emotionally open creates a connection in a relationship. For whatever reason, she was unable to share what was going on until now. But maybe since he appeared surprised that the issue is her loneliness he can recognize that he worked a lot while she was home alone feeling sad and lonely. They possibly needed to address this earlier on when she first moved in with him, but at least now the communication is opening up a little more.

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In contrast, Pedro and Chantal have had some conflict with family members as opposed to with each other.Chantal and Pedro made it to the aisle but her family is not there yet.The family has had some challenges in accepting the wedding.But, in a positive scene, the family showed up and supported the couple.They married and appeared happy with her family surrounding them.

Another couple who are in different countries, Nicole and Azan seem to be having issues at this time.She appeared upset that they are not communicating well now that she is back home.She told her mom about how he treated her in Morocco in a few negative ways and mom was not pleased. Her mom sat down to help her understand the concerns and challenges in this relationship.Her mom gave some pretty good advice in my opinion.Mom told her not to bulldoze her way through the relationship because that will not be good for her, and that she deserves so much better. Mom was genuinely concerned and comforted her daughter.She was torn as to whether if he is a good guy or not.

Next week the audience will see more of the above couple’s journey, as well as Matt and Alla continuing to try to make it the altar, and Lowo and Narkiya journey as well.Can all of these couples overcome some problems and make it to blissful matrimony?I will be watching next week.

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