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Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana has her eye on a political prize

Just because Donald and Ivana Trump haven’t been married for over two decades doesn’t mean she isn’t on the lookout for a piece of the presidential pie.

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In an interview with the New York Post, Ivana admitted she thinks she would be the perfect ambassador to the Czech Republic.

“I will suggest that I be ambassador for the Czech Republic,” she explained.

Adding, “[That] is where I’m from and my language and everybody knows me. I’m quite known all around the world. Not only in America. I have written three books, and they were translated in 40 countries in 25 languages. I’m known by the name Ivana. I really did not need the name Trump.”

Ivana and Donald were married for 15 years before calling it quits in 1992. They have three children together, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric.

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But Ivana doesn’t regret the split even now that her former husband is the president-elect. She said she isn’t jealous of Donald’s current wife, Melania Trump.

“I don’t have envy for Melania [because she has] to start to pack the clothes and everything,” Ivana explained.

Ivana also values her privacy.

“I had the problems with The New York Times, who sued me to try to reopen my divorce documents from 26 years ago. And I’m not running for president of the United States. I’m just a citizen, and I have a right for privacy. I had enough of that.”

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But it looks like now that Donald has won the election, Ivana doesn’t want to be a mere citizen anymore.

Do you think Ivana actually has a chance at the ambassador position?

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