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The Voice needs Garth Brooks as a full-time coach

We all love Blake Shelton and Adam Levine’s bromance, but let’s face it — The Voice needs a shakeup. Everybody loves to hate on Miley Cyrus, but she might not be the real problem. Perhaps, after years of Team Blake and Team Adam, the show could use a new country star, such as the amazing Garth Brooks.

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Brooks certainly made an impression during tonight’s episode. He acted as adviser, and wow, the feedback he offered was spot on! He told Aaron Gibson to engage more with the audience and suggested that Courtney Harrell go a bit breathier. These and other critiques clearly came from a place of love. Brooks believes that this season’s artists have great potential, and he is eager to show them all what they are capable of achieving.

Garth Brooks
Image: NBC

At this point in the competition, the singers have received a lot of critiques in a short amount of time, not to mention, a lot of hate on social media. They really need someone who can build them up. The coaches are good at this (especially Alicia Keys), but nothing matches a motivational chat with Garth Brooks.

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We’re not alone in our adoration of Brooks. Twitter was abuzz tonight with compliments. Several fans claimed that The Voice would be far better with Brooks as a permanent coach. Others believe that, rather than replacing Blake, Brooks should work alongside him more often.

A few critics claim that Brooks is not exciting enough to be an adviser, but that’s arguably what makes him so good. An adviser’s chief role is not to attract attention with crazy antics, but rather, to provide feedback that artists can actually use — and to offer a few words of encouragement in the midst of a super-competitive reality TV experience. Brooks accomplished exactly that, and he could do so much more if asked to join the show in a more extensive capacity.

It’s not unheard of for advisers to take on an expanded role in later seasons, so there really is potential for Brooks to come back as a permanent coach. It’s not likely, but hey — there’s hope!

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Would you like to see more of Garth Brooks on The Voice? Comment and share your opinion below.

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