Y&R is officially killing [SPOILER] off — but don’t despair

The answer that The Young and the Restless fans have been waiting for has finally come, and it’s not the conclusion many were hoping for — Adam Newman is dead. There have been rumors and slivers of hope that the character might be back with Justin Hartley making a cameo or that Michael Muhney would return to the role he played from 2009 to 2014.

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In a new interview with TVInsider, head writer Sally Sussman nixed both of those ideas.

“I’m not playing it at all. Adam is off the show,” she explained. “And Justin Hartley will never be back. He’s too successful now. He’s gone.”

This news has fans protesting the fact that the character won’t be resurrected, nor will another actor be brought in as a recast.

Let’s remember though that Y&R has been off track for a long time with writers failing to honor the history of the long-running soap. Sussman started her career under creator William J. Bell, and has her roots firmly planted in Genoa City. Along with writer Kay Alden, Sussman is ready to return Y&R to its former glory.

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“We need real emotion. Real heartache. Again, we need honest characters. We need to give the audience something really meaty. Emotion was Bill’s [Bell] stock in trade. He took it to a really deep level,” she said. “I would like to strive for that. You can’t get by on just one active story. This show must become binge-worthy.”

Fans have to trust what Sussman is doing here. She wants the soap to succeed as much as you do. It’s going to take time for her to right the wrongs of former writers who didn’t understand the history of the show. She’s placing importance on the legacy characters we’ve grown up with.

“I see eight stalwarts. They are the indispensables,” said Sussman “In no particular order: Nikki, Victor, Jack, Ashley, Nick, Sharon, Billy and Victoria.”

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With her passion firmly grounding Y&R, Sussman is hoping that this show will be buzzworthy again. She understands what we are all looking for, but we have to be patient with the results. Her first show airs on Dec. 7.

“I want the show to really move. I want to eliminate all the repetition, which I hate. Now your average viewer is only watching once or twice a week,” she said enthusiastically. “If we can give Y&R momentum — so that people truly cannot wait to see the next episode — we can create more audience that watches more often. So that’s the grand plan!”

I don’t know about you, but this has me excited for Y&R again. And for those who are worrying about Adam Newman — he’s dead for now — but we know that no one ever dies for good on daytime TV. You can always keep a bit of hope alive.

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