Did Megyn Kelly hint in her memoir that she was poisoned by Trump?

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is not holding back about president-elect Donald Trump in her memoir, set to be released Nov. 15.

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The New York Times has already published its review of the book, including some passages and details about the really creepy encounters Kelly has had with Trump throughout the election season.

Kelly reveals in her book that very early in the election season, even before the first Republican candidate debate that she moderated, Trump was making threats based on things she said about him on her show, The Kelly File.

“‘I almost unleashed my beautiful Twitter account against you,’ she says he told her, ‘and I still may,'” the Times review reads. Then there’s the way Trump treated Kelly when he heard that her first question at the debate she was moderating was going to be directed at him — about the way he had called women dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.

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“He called Fox executives, saying he’d heard that her first question ‘was a very pointed question directed at him,'” the Times writes. “This disconcerted her, because it was true: It was about his history of using disparaging language about women.”

But nothing is nearly as creepy as the story Kelly tells that seems to be implying that Trump tried to poison her before the debate.

She writes that, on the day of the debate, her “overzealous, suspiciously enthusiastic driver” gave her a cup of coffee, and she became extremely sick once she drank it.

“Once it was in her hand, she drank it. And within 15 minutes, she was violently ill, vomiting so uncontrollably that it was unclear if she’d be able to go on and help moderate that evening. It was so bad that she kept a trash pail beneath her desk throughout the debate, just in case. Ms. Kelly never says outright that someone tried to poison her. (A stomach bug was going around, she notes.) But the episode spooked her enough that she shared it later with Roger Ailes and a lawyer friend of his. Foul play? Again: She reports. You decide.”

It sounds like something out of a bad action novel. But then, considering the lows to which Trump has stooped throughout his short political career, we can’t believe it, but we think this could be true.

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