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It’s Trump protesters vs. Bethenny Frankel on Twitter right now

As the election night dust is settling, protesters in major cities all over the U.S. have been taking to the streets to declare that Donald Trump, the president-elect, is not their president.

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And if you’re one of those people exercising your First Amendment rights in protest of the election results, The Real Housewives of New York‘s Bethenny Frankel thinks you’re “moronic.”

In a surprise to no one, the outspoken reality star took to Twitter to share her controversial views — and to basically tell everyone who’s not happy about the election results to get over it.

Crazy to bully and badger over the election,” she wrote in a string of tweets. “We and the media nominated them and we had the right to vote for either. This protesting is moronic. What is the government going to say? ‘Just kidding. Do over?’”

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Frankel continued to describe what she says was happening at the protests, which many Twitter users have said is not correct.

“People are burning flags This is not a joke,” Frankel wrote. “Really? Cursing and screaming and fighting and burning flags is not productive right now. I’m sorry. Processing grief & frustration is one thing. This is another.”

Frankel received backlash for her comments from many Twitter users, including one who called her out for just maybe not understanding where the protesters were coming from.

“Multimillionaire white women haven’t exactly been the focus of his vitriol for over a year so you wouldn’t know their feelings,” the man, who says he is gay and lives in Alabama, wrote. Frankel’s reply?

“You look mighty white to me.”


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