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Kanye West has no problem with Kim Kardashian West avoiding the limelight

No one can say when Kim Kardashian West will be ready to step back into the limelight once again, but as far as her husband Kanye West is concerned, she can take as long as she needs.

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A source told People magazine that Kardashian West is reportedly still “getting past what happened” following her traumatic robbery at gunpoint in Paris, France on Oct. 3, and that she “has enjoyed the much-needed hiatus from her usual whirlwind pace.”

“She’s been spending so much more time with the kids, taking them to school and classes,” the source adds.

It’s no secret that Kardashian West’s social media presence makes up a large portion of her earnings, and her time out of the public eye would be having an effect financially — although the source does claim she’s “working behind the scenes,” just significantly less. What’s more important is that she focuses on herself, and ensures she’s emotionally ready before making a return. And it seems these are feelings echoed by her husband, who according to the source, “isn’t rushing her back out into the public eye.”

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Plus, despite reports suggesting otherwise, things in West and Kardashian West’s relationship are still going well, with the source stating, “They seem hunky-dory.” And we’re glad to hear it because the thing Kardashian West really needs right now is a support system!

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