Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen is sick of those Sofía Vergara feud rumors

When you’re successful in Hollywood, rumors about your life just seem to come with the territory, and the cast of Modern Family is certainly not immune to sensationalist reports. However, the most persistent one involves two of the show’s leading ladies, Sofía Vergara and Julie Bowen.

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According to reports, Bowen and Vergara don’t see eye to eye, and there’s a feud brewing behind the scenes. All because Bowen is jealous of Vergara’s fame. Sounds pretty unbelievable, right?

Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara feud rumors
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Bowen recently decided to put an end to these rumors for good when she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Every night I get a call or email that says, ‘So-and-so trash mag will be running a story that you are icy to Sofía Vergara because you are jealous of her fame,” she told DeGeneres, adding, “So I email [Vergara] last night and then we talk and I’m like, ‘What should I say?’ because we’re friends.”

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And it’s Vergara’s response that’s actually the greatest part of this whole conversation, because, as Bowen revealed in her best Colombian accent, “[Sofía] goes, ‘Ay, please. Just borrow my blouse!’ So I’m borrowing her blouse.”

That doesn’t mean these rumors don’t get to Bowen, though. She revealed, “You don’t have to have the truth anymore; you just have to have the internet. You can just make up anything. I’m an alien. You’re a two-headed cat from outer space.” She does make a valid point, so let’s hope this is the last we hear about a feud brewing on the Modern Family set — because we can have two strong women getting along without rivalry.

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