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AHS: Roanoke seems to be one big, negative message against law enforcement

In case you missed every episode of American Horror Story, the Roanoke police are useless.

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In fact, that seems to be a driving point in Season 6. Despite all of the bodies cropping up in the city, not to mention the people going missing, the police have done pretty much nothing.

On tonight’s episode, the police showed up again when Sophie (Taissa Farmiga) reported finding Diana’s body in the car. How do the cops react? With threats that the youngins shouldn’t go back to the haunted house. Great. Thanks.

Could this be Ryan Murphy making a broader statement about the current state of our law enforcement? I know he makes fun of everyone, but the police officers seem particularly dumb this season. At least in Hotel, they got in on the evil action a bit.

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I do think it is more likely Murphy simply likes to make fun of everyone. No one is spared his ruthless scrutiny. Because, just like you could blame the officers for not following on the missing persons’ leads and scary sightings, you could just as easily blame Matt and Shelby for not leaving that house when they should have and the reality TV team for returning to the house after that.

At this point, why play the blame game? They are all going to die, anyway. Well, everyone but Lee, who might live but in prison for the rest of her life.

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All I know is that in a week filled with anxiety and trepidation, American Horror Story did nothing to help.

Do you think Ryan Murphy has a problem with law enforcement or are they just another group for him to poke fun at?

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