Rewatch the best Thanksgiving soap episodes — here are the top 7, ranked


Thanksgiving is a holiday that anyone can celebrate with family and friends to give thanks for all of our blessings. While some may gather around the television to watch football, soap fans know there are some classic Thanksgiving episodes that we can never forget.

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Whether the soaps are still on the air or just a distant memory, there are so many incredible moments from holidays gone by. Here are some of our favorites.

1. General Hospital — 1985: Frisco and Felicia

The ‘90s supercouple had so much heat onscreen, it’s no wonder Jack Wagner and Kristina Wagner married in real life. All of those lingering kisses and baby talk, it must have inspired them to start a family of their own. There’s nothing like a Thanksgiving spent in bed!

2. As the World Turns — 1999: Cutting the Hubbard squash

The Snyder family on As the World Turns had so many traditions, from visiting the family farm over Thanksgiving to cutting the Hubbard squash. They were your stereotypical American family that you felt like you knew. They were your neighbors you had over for cards on Friday nights, and they were the ones whom you shared your sorrows with. They felt like home.

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3. Days of Our Lives — 2004: Cassie is turned into a turkey piñata

If you aren’t familiar with this DOOL storyline — it’s not very festive; it’s downright gory. The Salem Stalker in the Thanksgiving episode killed Cassie Brady (Alexis Thorpe). Her body was promptly stuffed into a turkey piñata that was being battered with sticks by the kids of Salem.

Before you lose your holiday dinner, Cassie, along with the other Salem Stalker victims, is found alive after being held captive on a remote island. The story is more convoluted than that, but we want you to enjoy your Thanksgiving with a peaceful mind.

4. Another World — 1987: Mac’s annual Thanksgiving toast

Beloved soap veteran Douglass Watson is still missed even though he passed away in 1989. He gave some spectacular and touching speeches over the years on Another World. Those words written for his character, Mac, still resonate decades later.

“Dear family, how fortunate we are just to be able to say those words. How fortunate we are that the past year has given us the most precious gift of all — the gift of life itself.”

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5. The Bold and the Beautiful — 2014: Hope’s Thanksgiving Day tradition

Thanksgiving is a day of family traditions, so Hope (Kim Matula) wanted to have one day of normalcy in her unconventional life. Her ritual of asking her guests to say why you are thankful to the person next to you has become a great Bold and the Beautiful tradition. Matula may be gone from the show, but the practice has lived on.

6. All My Children — 1990: Kelly Ripa’s debut

Kelly Ripa's debut on All My Children
Image: ABC

While so many of us now watch Kelly Ripa as a talk-show host, her acting career is firmly rooted in the soap-opera world.

Ripa made her debut as Hayley Vaughan on Thanksgiving Day 1990 with an unforgettable black Goth wig. The rebel without a cause was a fan favorite from the beginning, and viewers watched her fall in love on and offscreen with actor Mark Consuelos (Mateo Santos), whom she married in 1996 and had three children with.

7. General Hospital — 2010: Pizza at the Quartermaines

If you were expecting turkey on Thanksgiving, don’t ever go to the Quartermaine house for the holiday.

As Edward Quartermaine (John Ingle) explained in a 2010 GH episode, “Every year the birds get burned to a crisp or frozen or on the floor for the dog’s dinner.”

Some crazy escapade always happens, so the family has their favorite pizza place on speed-dial to save the day every single year. Ingle passed away in 2012 and his memory — and the infamous pizza — was honored in a tear-jerking Thanksgiving episode.

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