Mariah Carey was reportedly not happy with a $6M a year prenup

Nov 9, 2016 at 4:32 p.m. ET
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While Mariah Carey may be heartbroken and devastated by being blindsided and dumped by James Packer, she may have reason to be thankful. If reports about the prenuptial agreement he expected her to sign are true, she may have really dodged a bullet.

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According to the Daily Mail, Carey was presented with a number of potential agreements that set serious restrictions on her access to Packer's fortune, treating her more like a gold digger than an extremely successful woman who is wealthy in her own right.

The first agreement Carey was reportedly shown offered her only $1 million per full year of marriage to Packer. For perspective, she's worth around $500 million on her own, while Packer is reportedly worth around $3.5 billion.

The response that Carey's lawyers reportedly gave to that? "Mariah earns that in 45 minutes for a private performance. This is insulting!"

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The next offer sent to Carey bumped her yearly cash allowance up to $6 million, and offered her use of just one of Packer's private jets — seriously, it was specifically stipulated that she would not be allowed to use any more than one of them. "It shall not be appropriate to provide a second airplane for Mariah's use, or the use of her children," was the wording reportedly used in the email sent to Carey's camp.

It's no wonder Carey didn't exactly appreciate these prenups. She's an independently and extremely wealthy woman, and she will continue to be regardless of whom she marries. This relationship was obviously not about Packer's money for her, but the agreements drawn up by his lawyers make it seem like he might have thought that it was. That would be a tough pill for any woman to swallow.

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