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Don’t freak, but Vanderpump Rules might be losing a cast member this season

Could Vanderpump Rules be losing one of its stars this season?

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Tom Schwartz has made regular appearances on the show as star Katie Maloney’s boyfriend since the beginning, but he didn’t become a regular cast member until the third season, when Lisa Vanderpump hired him to be a bartender at her new West Hollywood restaurant, Pump.

Now, he and Katie are married, and there’s a rumor flying that he won’t last until the end of Season 5, which premiered this week. The reason he’s supposedly leaving, though, is what gives us pause. According to one site, he wants to focus on his new wife and starting a family.

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Um, does this raise a few red flags for anyone other than me? Katie had one hell of a time getting Tom to commit to just getting engaged. We watched her beg, plead and make ultimatums for four seasons before he finally decided to settle down with her. Would he really jump into starting a family so soon? I’m inclined to say no.

Katie is no stranger to pregnancy rumors — they fly around a few times during every season of VPR, and it always turns out she’s definitely not pregnant. The timing this time is actually extra ridiculous, after James Kennedy body-shamed Katie during the Season 5 premiere by asking her if she’s pregnant when she’s very obviously not. He got destroyed on social media for that. It definitely shouldn’t have started any new rumors about Katie’s womb.

This season of VPR is already promising plenty of drama. I, for one, am super-excited to see Jax Taylor’s latest relationship crash and burn after all the nasty lies he’s been spreading about his own girlfriend. Tom Schwartz leaving the show, though? I just don’t see it happening.

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