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Megyn Kelly’s wisdom on how we move on from the election is right on

Well, the election results are in, and at least we had Megyn Kelly to help us feel a little better about things this morning when she co-hosted the post- apocalypse election episode of Live! With Kelly.

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And if anyone is qualified to do that, it’s Megyn Kelly. Despite being a conservative Fox News anchor, Kelly has bitterly butted heads with Donald Trump throughout the election, beginning after she hosted the first Republican debate and he criticized her for asking tough questions by insinuating that she had her period.

Kelly, who has been the picture of grace through all of the ugliness Trump has thrown at her, continued in that vein and congratulated the president-elect.

“I will say this, love him or hate him, he’s the president-elect of our country and the one thing he needs now more than ever is our prayers and good wishes for a strong performance,” she said. “He has a lot to deal with… at the end of it we accept the results and we get behind our president. We all share the same basic core as Americans and that’s what we should focus on. Keep an open mind, see what he does and my philosophy in hard times is any time you feel blue, threatened or scared, remember who you are.”

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She continued, “What happens in the White House does not affect who you are, who your children are, what’s most important to you in your life.”

And those are the words we need to remember. Because like Kelly said, if we are kind and loving and accepting of others and their differences, we haven’t changed because Trump won last night. As both Hillary Clinton and President Obama said in their addresses to the country this morning, we’re going to need kindness, love and acceptance more than we ever have before in the days and years ahead.

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