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The Big Bang Theory is getting kinky this season

The Big Bang Theory is getting a little edgier these days.

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To be honest, I’ve only ever seen an episode of the show here and there. And while its humor is definitely over the top, to me, it always seemed like it erred firmly on the side of family-friendly. But is that about to change?

One of the show’s stars, Kaley Cuoco, shared a behind-the-scenes look from a recent episode on Instagram, and is it just me, or is this way too kinky to be the family-friendly show I remember?

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The snap shows Cuoco and her co-star, Johnny Galecki, dressed up in full BDSM gear — latex, leather, whips and all. Galecki is wearing a strappy leather harness number paired with actual chaps, while Cuoco is smushed into a super-tight red corset and fishnet tights. From the looks of the background of the shot, they’re in a legit dungeon. What is even going on?

“#Bts of last nights @thebigbangtheory__,” Cuoco captioned that snap, along with the hashtags “#kaleyspolaroids” and “#corsettook15minstogeton.”

I can’t tell you what went down on that episode, but judging from the comments on the photo, fans seem to have loved it.

“Loved this scene! And Sheldon’s reaction! Hahaha! I hope TBBT lasts forever. The gang will still be hilarious when then [sic] are in assisted living together,” one commented.

I guess this proves you shouldn’t write off a show, even after, what? A decade of seasons?

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