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Country star Travis Tritt just learned that you don’t mess with the Beyhive

Beyoncé’s CMAs performance of her song “Daddy Lessons” with the Dixie Chicks caused an unexpected amount of controversy. After some social media users left racist comments directed at the CMA, the organization appeared to delete almost all evidence of Bey taking the CMA Awards stage, leaving the Beyhive furiously buzzing.

While the CMA says they didn’t purposefully delete any posts about Beyoncé besides one unapproved Facebook video, you’d still think most people would know better than to keep stirring the pot and messing with the Beyhive after all this drama. However, that wasn’t the case for country singer Travis Tritt.

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Tritt took to Twitter last week with this rather unnecessary comment after a concert, saying, “Thanks to everyone who came out to see us in Bowling Green, KY tonight. Sorry we weren’t able to do any Beyoncé for all the country fans.”

Tritt went on to say, “FYI – My band and I are gonna try to work up Beyoncé’s “All The Single Ladies” for all you die hard country fans who love traditional music!”

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“I want to know when the BET or SoulTrain awards are gonna ask a country artist to perform on their awards show? As I see it, country music has appealed to millions for many years. We can stand on our own and don’t need pop artists on our awards shows,” Tritt continued in a series of tweets. “I love honest to God country music and feel the need to stand up for it at all costs. We don’t need pop or rap artists to validate us.”

Beyoncé is hardly the first mainstream artist to perform at a country music awards show. Justin Timberlake joined Chris Stapleton onstage, plus Fall Out Boy performed with Thomas Rhett at the 2015 CMA Awards. Ariana Grande performed “Day Drinking” with Little Big Town, plus Meghan Trainor sang “All About That Bass” with Miranda Lambert at the CMA Awards back in 2014. Crossover performances are not new for the CMA Awards.

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While we understand Tritt feeling the need to stand up for country music, this just wasn’t the best time to do it, especially concerning all the racist comments some country music fans were making about Beyoncé being at the show and all the drama that had already ensued.

As we already know, the Beyhive doesn’t mess around. They were not having Tritt’s comments and left some of the following tweets.

Tritt defended himself against the Beyhive’s tweets, saying, “It’s not just her. It’s all pop acts being on the CMA’s that bothers me.”

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

country music scandals slideshow
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