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Shark Tank‘s Barbara Corcoran should have been more Eco Flower friendly

Trust me, I love when my guy shows up at my door with a big bouquet of flowers, just like the most women in this world. Let’s be honest, though. They look pretty for a week — if that — and then it’s just a dried-out mess.

Tonight on Shark Tank, Eco Flower offered a more environmentally friendly way of spoiling a lady that Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner shouldn’t have snubbed so quickly.

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Now, before I address Corcoran and Greiner’s response to Eco Flower, a little disclaimer first: I recognize this company had some problems. I’m not saying Corcoran and Greiner shouldn’t have gone out like they did. What I am saying is that both ladies didn’t warm to the business because they both admitted that they like real flowers better, and they didn’t think the market, especially the wedding market, would accept the idea of fake flowers enough to make a booming business.

In response to that, I think the company’s $2.8 million in sales would suggest otherwise. Just saying.

Also, just because a bride might want some real flowers, that doesn’t also mean she wouldn’t love to have some pieces that would last more than a week after her ceremony.

Not everyone is like Corcoran.

And by that, I also mean not everyone is a multimillionaire who can afford to constantly replace their dead blooms.

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Not only that, but an Eco Flower bouquet would make a great Mother’s Day, birthday or just-because gift, and the price point is definitely comparable to real flower delivery services, if not even a bit more affordable.

Clearly, Eco Flower found a fan in me. Their bouquets are absolutely stunning.
I’ll definitely be bookmarking the site for myself at a later date. And I might just accidentally send it to my boyfriend, too.

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Would you buy blooms from Eco Flower, or do you think real flowers are more meaningful?

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